3 Key Learnings from Networking

May 27, 2017


I recently wrote this article to post into a forum/community but decided to share the message here too. As many of you know, I co-host Brooklands PPN along with my uncle, Mark. I’ve learnt a lot in the last 5 months of running the event and I wanted to share some of my findings. I’ve always been a huge believer in networking, travelling from Lincoln to Chelmsford to Andy Scott's fantastic PPN event before the launch of Brooklands. Across all the events I’ve found the following 3 things to be true:


1). “Those who are miles ahead of us are more than willing to give anyone who approaches them in the right way their time.” - A couple of months ago I reached out to Martin Skinner for some advice expecting a quick back and forth via Facebook. Martin went above and beyond that passing over his contact details and sharing major value with me over the phone for nearly 20 minutes. I had no motive for this call but at the end I asked Martin if he would share his value with more than just me. A couple of weeks later Martin was booked to speak at our March Brooklands event.


2). “Everyone and anyone you meet has value to give in some way.” - This goes without saying. I’ve met a lot of new and old faces co-hosting Brooklands and the one thing I can’t mistake is the different areas of value everyone has offer to each other. The amount of people I meet that are genuinely looking for ways to help others has really helped us to create a room of massive shared value and impact.


3). “Those who are constantly sharing, and creating shared value, as well as looking to help others, are the ones who go the furthest.” - I recently watched a YouTube interview with Shredz founder and CEO Arvin Lal. In the interview he said the following that really resonated with me: “You can buy a Lamborghini? Who gives a s**t. The most successful people don’t count the money, they count the number of lives they touch”. Whilst I may disagree slightly due to the fact that you can buy any car you want, the latter part has impacted to me. The most successful people I meet are always willing to help those around them and assist anyone one in need of help.


I’m extremely grateful to have met, and to constantly meet such a great bunch of people attending our Brooklands event each month.


This month were joined by one of the most value creating guys I’ve ever met. This guy has been one of the most influence figures in my property journey, and I believe I’m currently where I am now because of the content he and his business partner Mark have created in both a truly great community and networking event. That’s right in June we will be joined by none other than Rob F Moore. If you’d like to attend and experience an evening of shared value and content, please head over to the Brooklands PPN page to book your ticket now.

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