5 Ways to Increase Your Productivity

November 17, 2016


There are several ways in which to improve your day to day productivity and ensure you’re gaining the most from your day. Here are my top 5.


1). Plan your day


In my mind it’s absolutely vital to plan your day above anything else. My first task of a morning, after working out of course, is to plan my schedule for the day ahead. This can be in hourly increments, or just a general list of tasks to achieve, just something to keep you on track and moving towards your end goals. As you begin to see the benefits of planning you may find you can plan your entire week from a Monday morning. This will really help you to increase your productivity and get the results you desire. Always remember to build in contingency though. Day to day life has its ways of creeping into your schedule.


2). Establish a routine


Having a routine is vital for anyone wanting to get the most from their day and so should it be for you. From setting a time to get up in the morning, to what time you should take lunch, having a routine will truly help you to control your day and how you spend it. I for one wake up every day at 5:00am, rain or shine, and I ensure I’m always in bed by 10:00pm at the latest. I know I require 6-7 good hours of quality sleep to ensure I’m fresh the next day. It doesn’t take long for your body to adjust to a new routine and the more you repeat the cycle the easier it becomes.


3). Prioritize


No. 3 Is to prioritize. Knowing which tasks require completing first really helps to get your day off to a good start. I always believe in swallowing the frog first. For those of you wondering what I mean by this don’t be alarmed! I don’t actually eat a frog… What this means is to take the hardest, biggest, most difficult task and do it first. Once this task is out the way all the others will feel like a breeze. You may not have difficult tasks but you will defiantly have some tasks that are more important that others and it’s key to tackle these first to remain productive.


4). Take Breaks


Believe it or not taking breaks when required will actually boost your productivity. We’ve all been there, staring at the screen trying to think. I often find 5 minutes away from the computer helps me to gain clarity and focus better when I return. This could be taking a break to grab a cup of tea, or coffee, or having a 5 minute walk around the office. Anything that takes your mind away from the confusion just long enough to help you see what you’re missing.


5). Ensure a healthy mind & body


For some this is an obvious point but for others it’s not so. It’s absolutely vital you ensure you keep a healthy mind and body. This is obtained by eating a balanced diet, exercising 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes each time and staying hydrated throughout the day. It’s also vital to ensure you get a good quality of sleep at night and wake up rested the following day. This ties in with point 2. Keeping fit and health will help you to remain focused and energised throughout the day.

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